First blog post..

Wow, okay so if you’re reading this around the summer of 2017 you’ve probably guessed that this is my first crack at “blogging”.  Hopefully you’ve read the “About” section.  The picture below is the original example photo but I liked it.  It is the perfect example of the mindset that I am attempting to gravitate towards.  This summer I will be de-cluttering my house, researching and putting into practice the #project333 and #capsulewardrobe.  Well, I think I first have to research and understand what the difference between the two are.  I do know it’s a smaller, simpler wardrobe that takes out the stress of finding outfits and making all of the clothes that you wear fit and make you happy.  I will also be slowly walking my husband into this project.  I tried to get him to throw out some jeans he’s had since he was a junior in high school.  He’s 35 years old!!!  I’m very impressed that they still fit.  They have a HUGE bleach stain in the knee that had been there since college and he only used these jeans to cut grass in.  Why didn’t he throw these out you’re thinking?  These jeans fit him perfectly.  He loves the way the feel when he’s sitting down (apparently that’s a big deal with guys, I can understand that now having three boys).  And they were the perfect length.  So, I compromised with him.  I decided to distress and rip up the bleach spot and then add one other smaller spot on the other leg and now he has a brand new pair of “distressed” jeans.  He has worn them three times this week.  Haha!  So, now you can see one of the reasons why my house is so full of stuff.  He’s not the only reason.  His three carbon copies won’t let me throw away anythingggggggg.  I can’t even toss out old dried out markers with no tops without a lecture.  I will get this done though.  Like the picture below, the sun will come out tomorrow….


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