Plans after kids

You can never really make plans after you have kids.  Today we planned on getting a  lunchtime shopping trip done.  We planned on someone watching our kids so we could go alone in peace.  I planned on getting the clothes folded and cleaning the kitchen. We also planned on having a nice dinner and watching a movie together tonight as a family. Yeah….none of that really worked out as planned. Only two our of three of my kids ended up being invited to be watched today. We were stuck with our three year old. Okay, we can deal with that. Then our 7yr old immediately came home because he was scared of their dog. So, now we have two out of three kids. I tried to get the kids to help me with chores but you know how that goes. I spent more time corraling them back to what they were supposed to be doing than actual work that got done. Then my 5yr old came home and started throwing up before we even finished eating our spaghetti. Gross, I know. So the picture is of his precious little feet in the bathroom. Here we sit. We didn’t plan for this to be our Friday night. But the good news is, when I sent my husband to the store tonight for poweraid and acetaminophen, he was able to pick up the stuff we forgot on our earlier day trip to the store. There’s never a dull moment being a parent. You can plan on that. IMG_20170609_192032

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