Heck yeah, houseplants!


Hip hip hooray for houseplants!  I had to get some greenery in my life.  I’ve never, to my recent knowledge, owned any houseplants.  I can barely take care of my kids and my pets so adding plants to the scenario never really sound like a great idea.  BUT, I’m turning a new leaf.  Get it?  New leaf….hehe.  Anyway, since I’ve cleaned up, well, cleaned out a lot of stuff I felt like it was time.  I think it brings a lot of peace and calmness to any enviornment and hey, it cleans toxins out of the air.  BONUS!  It is yet to be determined if I will be able to keep these beauties alive.  These are all in my office as of right now.  I have a succulent which is in the coffee mug.  The taller one by my husband’s practice bass guitar is called a corn plant, or dracaena and the last one I believe is a walking iris.  I dug it out of my yard.  My husband keeps chopping them down when he weed eats but they are everywhere.  I need to buy a pot for that little guy.  I hope to update you guys on their progress.  My husband also has a small succulent on his desk and there is a hanging plant in the kitchen.  The name of that one escapes me but I will update soon!!

Love and peace,



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