Outfit five

 How cute is this?  Today I’m wearing a blue printed skirt with faux leather braided belt, white v-neck t-shirt and slip on loafers. So simple and so comfy. I have gotten several compliments today but my favorite has been from my husband. He is so used to seeing me in holey ten year old t-shirts and athletic shorts that I know he’s just glad I’m dressing up for a change. I’m just glad that my close are comfortable, thrifty, and I don’t have to think about it since all of my clothes fit, and can be matched together to make several outfits but yet I only have very few items to pick from. I’m loving minimizing my wardrobe, making sure I have versitle items and it has really cleared my mind and given me a boost of confidence. 

Love and peace,


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  1. minimallol says:

    Hi there, I think a great side effect of Project 333 is that it enables you to wear your favourite clothes every day. They don’t have to be fancy but my favourite clothes tend to be my most worn, most comfortable and even chic, on occasion! Not having to waste time on deciding what to wear every day is an added bonus! Lx

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