I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

My mind is not as sharp as it used to be, nor as sharp as it should be. I wish I could blame it on me having three young boys, or the side effects of the daily medications I take. Which, some of those could aid but to me, I don’t really care. I am who I am. It’s very frustrating, don’t get me wrong but I accept it. Every time I lose my train of thought, or forget the right word I’m looking for I am reminded of a potential flaw I have. I was doing it more and more. I have come to embrace this flaw, just like the horrible dimples in my thighs…yuck. But I like food too much to win that battle. And I know that I shouldn’t worry about that big fancy word I used to know to sound smart in a sentence. I don’t even go through and grammar check my blog posts. I just don’t have the time or effort. There’s always something that you miss or mess up on. You can correct something forever. Nothing is ever good enough. And I used to be somewhat of a perfectionist. I think this is where minimalism has really helped me. I have not only let go of a lot of physical material things but a lot of mental baggage as well. It feels good. Sharp knives may can cut a lot of stuff but dull ones make pretty good peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which happens to be my specialty in this phase of my life. 

Love and peace,


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  1. minimallol says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post – very insightful. I like the links between perfectionism and minimalism and between letting go of physical and mental clutter. I know I found the physical clutter easier to deal with – the mental clutter is a much longer journey!!! Lxx

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    1. I think I started the mental process first but they do kinda go hand in hand don’t they? I am a lot more happy though.

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